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Homeowners – Homebuilders – Commercial & Multifamily Contractors

With locations covering the United States East Coast, Energy One America offers cutting edge products and services coupled with highly trained, best in class installers. Our services cover a wide spectrum of applications in many industries:

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Energy One America Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation:
Our spray foams create an air seal to keep conditioned air indoors, and dust and pollen out, and have high insulating value. Our open cell spray foam is a leading sound abatement material. Our closed cell spray foam strengthens the structure or roof up to 3 times and acts as a moisture barrier.

Blown-In Cellulose:
Also known as “loose fill” insulation, our Cellulose insulation is blown into place with the help of a blowing machine.  This fiberglass insulation is energy efficient, and useful for insulating hard-to-cover spaces, such as sloped ceilings, midfloors, open attic areas, floors and walls.

Energy One America Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation:
Basic insulation for walls, roof decks, and crawlspaces.

Energy One America Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent Coatings:
Spray-applied to act as a shield in the presence of fire, intumescent coatings and intumescent fire-resistive coatings protect the treated substrate.

Energy One America Reflective Coatings

Reflective Coatings:
HeatBloc-Ultra is an aluminum colored, water-based, low-emissivity (low-e) coating. When applied to building materials such as plywood, OSB or plasterboard, HeatBloc-Ultra lowers their surface emissivity to 0.19 or lower, blocking over 80% of the radiant heat trying to enter the home.

Mold, Moisture, and Environmental Services:

Energy One America Fluid Applied Housewraps

Fluid Applied Housewraps:
Our housewrap delivers a more permanent, effective and complete weather-resistant barrier than ever possible with any type of housewrap product.

Energy One America Total Wall

Total Wall Building Envelope:
Fluid Applied Pest and Termite Protection, Mold Prevention, Air Barrier, and Insulation in one Total Wall Package.

Mold Cleaning:
Mold and Mildew removal is sometimes needed prior to treating surfaces with our mold prevention system. Surfaces are professionally scrubbed and treated for mold and mildew.

Energy One America Mold Prevention

Warranted Mold Prevention:
Our Mold Prevention application is the only mold prevention product on the market with a 25 year warranty, even if the treated surface gets wet.

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