RetroFoam Insulation For Existing Walls – No Demolition!

  • RetroFoam™ maintains a high R-value over time
  • Helps to stop drafts that come through electrical outlets and cracks surrounding windows
  • Aids in stabilizing interior wall temperature, making you feel more comfortable
  • Makes the home quieter (41 dB on average)
  • RetroFoam™ is a nonflammable (class 1 fire rating) foam derived from organic materials that naturally occur in our environment
  • Environmentally Safe and OSHA Compliant
  • RetroFoam’s high R-value and ability to find and fill empty voids means better insulation and savings on utility bills
  • Typically installation is completed within a day
  • Since it can be installed from the outside it is not intrusive
  • No tearing out walls, or moving furniture and no interior cleanup

Consider the total area of your outside walls and it’s not surprising that the heat loss through the walls in a typical house is greater than through the windows and floors combined. Even if you have your ceiling insulated, the heat inside your home simply finds the next easiest exit to escape. When insulating your house it is important to have a holistic approach. Think of an icebox for example, if only the lid or walls were insulated it would not work effectively.

RetroFoam™ is an extremely safe product to introduce into your walls. Unlike polyurethane foams which you can purchase from your local hardware store, RetroFoam™ home insulation is a modified plastic foam, installed by a trained technician. The expanding agent in RetroFoam™ is compressed air. RetroFoam™ is fully expanded prior to entering your walls. RetroFoam™ meets government guidelines, does not create a fire hazard, and has high R-value.

EOA RetroFoam Insulation for Existing Walls

RetroFoam™ is a plastic foam containing millions of tiny air cells. Within minutes of injecting the liquid foam into the wall cavity, it sets to form a firm, resilient filling, containing millions of tiny bubbles of still air. These act like pockets of air trapped between the feathers of a duck, which minimizes air circulation within the wall cavity, preventing airflow and heat loss. Once installed, RetroFoam™ home insulation will go on working for decades.

RetroFoam™ home insulation is a very effective way to prevent large amounts of heat loss, and can be installed into most existing walls, including weatherside, stucco, brick veneer and foundation walls if there is an accessible cavity. The installation can take place from either the outside (through the exterior cladding) or inside (through the drywall or similar), of the house, and will usually be completed within one to two days, with very little disruption to the household.

Retrofoam becomes a lightweight solid unit of insulation inside the voids it fills helping keep out rodents and air movement unlike loose-fill products which are not solid units. Loose-fill can be shifted by compaction and/or rodent nest building allowing for increased levels of air movement. If at any stage you need to carry out wall alterations, the solid customized blocks of foam can be easily removed while work is in progress and simply replaced on completion. If rewiring is needed, wires can be pushed through the rigid foam, or the foam can be cut if necessary. 

“I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying how quiet the Retrofoam has made my house. I knew it would help somewhat but I did not realize just how much. It has eliminated all the noise I used to hear from the wind blowing my vinyl siding. I am anxious to see what effect the insulation has on my utility bills. I sent an email out to all my neighbors telling them about the Retrofoam Insulation & the great service from your crew & company.

Best wishes for continued success.”

– Peter H.

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