Crawl Space Insulation

Your crawl space is a valuable part of your home. That’s why Energy One America offers a crawl space insulation and encapsulation system that closes the crawl space off completely from the outside environment. Sealing the crawl space ensures pests like snakes and rodents stay out, as well as moisture and airborne pollutants. Properly insulating your crawl space also saves money on your heating and cooling costs, up to 25%.


Our enclosed crawl spaces offer many benefits:

  • Improve air quality in your home
  • Protect your wood floors from cupping and buckling
  • Provide crawl space mold prevention
  • Add storage space to your home
  • Prevent rodent and insect infiltration
  • Reduce your energy bills – up to 25% per year!

Our Crawl Space Engineering, Insulation & Mold Prevention Systems

Energy One America combines our expertise with the highest quality products to offer the best crawl space insulation and protection services in the Southeast:

  • Crawl space mold prevention, through a mold free crawlspace system & FortiCel™
  • Crawl space insulation & spray foam insulation
  • Crawl space engineering with the Moisture Free Crawlspace System

The Moisture Free Crawlspace System is an effective crawl space engineering solution that offers the highest standard of crawl space protection on the market today. We utilize the Moisture Free Crawlspace System to eliminate the high humidity and moisture control problems a typical vented crawl space can develop. This system is so effective and durable, we back it with a 25-year liner warranty against decompression and tears. Also available through Energy One America is a Mold Free Crawlspace System, which utilizes FortiCel Crawlspace™, a specialty coating designed to resist mold growth in the crawlspace or basement of a home. This mold resistant coating is so powerful it has a 25 year Limited Lifetime Warranty on all coating surfaces! See product’s warranty documents for terms and conditions. Call the Energy One America team today at (888) 907-3090 to learn more about our crawl space insulation and engineering services! We service homes in cities throughout the Southeast, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and beyond, including, Wilmington, Winston-Salem and Charlotte, NC; Myrtle Beach, Bluffton and Charleston, SC; and Augusta, GA.



Spray Foam Insulation