Open Cell Spray Foam Improves Polo Horse Barn

Energy One America recently installed open cell spray foam insulation at the Edisto Island Polo Horse Stables.

Energy One America Open Cell Spray Foam Horse Barn InsulationWe spoke to Bill Beaucheue of Atrium Builders, who handled the improvements of the facilities, on why spray foam insulation was chosen for the polo horse stables, “We discussed closed and open cell spray foam insulation and while both have great thermal efficiency and stop air leaks, we ultimately chose open cell spray foam for it’s soundproofing qualities. The stables are 3060 sq. ft. with a 1600 sq. ft. living space above, so we needed an insulation that could limit noise transferrence. Also, because spray foam seals air leaks, it limits the odors and smells that would otherwise drift up and enter the second floor living space.”

According to Richard Klimesh of, “it [spray foam] provides the best sound dampening of any insulation” and “…is the quickest to install and the most effective, and the one I would recommend for a barn.”

Energy One America looks forward working with more horse owners with our growing list of energy saving products and services. For more information on open and closed cell spray foam insulation, call 888-907-3090.

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