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Residential & Commercial Mold Prevention

Mold is one of the biggest hazards to have lurking in a building. It causes allergy problems, breathing problems and can compromise the structural integrity of your home by facilitating rot. Energy One America uses cutting edge technology in residential and commercial mold prevention. We have an entire division of our company dedicated to this service, and to keeping your building healthy and safe.

We utilize  FortiCel™, MycoDyne™, Pro-Clean™, and FortiCel Crawlspace™, the most advanced mold prevention products available, providing  both commercial and residential structures with superior mold protection.


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Benefits At A Glance:

  • 25-year, fully-transferable warranty
  • Prevents mold on the coating surface
  • Applied by trained professionals
  • Scientifically-proven
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Adds value to your home or commercial building

Commercial Mold Prevention: For just pennies per foot your structure can include FortiCel’s protective barrier and prevent mold growth on its coating surface. The permanent protection benefits of FortiCel’s protective barrier will provide unparalleled microbial growth inhibition on all treated construction surfaces thereby reducing the potential of mold growth. Commercial and residential contractors know the benefits of FortiCel as an effective and valuable solution to provide long-lasting value that is warranted for a full 25 years. Join the many industry leading multifamily builders in your area already protecting their projects with FortiCel.

Energy One America Forticel Residential Mold Prevention

Residential Mold Prevention: Mold growth in houses is established by spores which are deposited from the air, brought in by water intrusions, or disseminated by insects and mites. In virtually all cases infestations occur when spores germinate and grow within or on common construction materials such as OSB, dimensional lumber, drywall, or insulation. If spores cannot germinate and grow on protective coatings, then they cannot serve to initiate mold colonization within a building. FortiCel mold prevention protects surfaces for years and years, even if the surface gets wet. Other mold protection system warranties are voided in the case of a flood or wetness, where FortiCel carries a 25 year Warranty against mold growth regardless of flooding.

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