Clint Allen Owner Energy One America

Clint Allen - Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Clint B. Allen is the Principal Owner and CEO of Energy One America which has been recognized as one of South Carolina’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2012, 2014 and 2015, a SC Best Place to Work in 2015, and ABAA Award for excellence in 2015. His highly qualified team is responsible for over 30,000 successful spray foam installations in the east coast market alone. Clint is a trailblazer in the construction insulation and building envelope industry as well as a respected building materials industry executive

Uniquely qualified, Clint has focused his career on guiding organizational development, management revitalization, and product launch teams to proven, sustainable success. Immersing himself in demanding projects, Clint thrives in challenging, high-energy, and progressive environments. Fortunate to understand that success doesn’t happen in a bubble, Clint has never shied away from participating in peer to peer associations to leverage the most innovative industry minds out there today and all the while forming lifelong partnerships in success.

With a reputation for the judicious use of resources and as an intuitive business leader, Clint has spearheaded or founded various successful projects in addition to Energy One America that include:

–             The Protective Coatings Group (Product Placement with CertainTeed, Inc.)
–             Con-Air Industries (Product Placement with 3M Company)
–             U.S. Home Protect (acquired by private equity)
–             U.S. Pest (acquired by Terminix, Inc.)

Clint pursued a degree in economics at Princeton University and enjoys skiing, golf, and sportfishing and calls Charleston, South Carolina home.

Jessica Rowe - COO Energy One America

Jessica Rowe - Chief Operating Officer

Currently the Chief Operating Officer at Energy One America, Jessica Rowe is a logistics and operations specialist, maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations. She has a profound ability to problem solve, implement change, and embrace diversity. Specializing in domestic transportation and ocean export operations, she has honed her communication, negotiation, and organizational skills significantly since joining the EOA family as a Residential Projects Coordinator.

Born in Savannah, Georgia, Jessica was instilled with a strong work ethic from an early age. Working on a farm and joining the military was the norm in her family, both her parents and grandparents were from a small town in Kentucky. Jessica has never shied away from rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty. She was inspired by her father and mother, who both worked hard to support their family, in different ways. Her dad taught her the keys to success: hard-work and strong morals. Her mom taught her the keys to inspiring others: positivity and passion. These lessons have stayed with Jessica throughout her business career and influence her belief that a profitable company must maintain high ethics in order to achieve success.

An honors college student of Clemson University, Jessica studied Spanish and International Trade, even dabbling in Mandarin. When not working, she enjoys being outdoors and takes pride in learning a wide variety of new things. Jessica’s eagerness to outperform the previous day and highly developed leadership qualities enhance the EOA brand, making her an integral part of the team.

Amy Allen - CFO Energy One America

Amy Allen - Chief Financial Officer

Amy Allen serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Energy One America and is responsible for the overall financial strategy and direction at EOA. Within finance, she guides the controller, treasury, shareholder relations, accounting, tax, and internal audit functions to pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy and meet its team member and client expectations. A vital member of the executive team, Amy also passionately maintains the family culture at EOA by ensuring each employee has all the supports necessary to prosper and advance professionally.

A St. Petersburg, Florida native, Amy is most comfortable exploring leisure activities that force her out of her comfort zone thus satisfying her need for adventure. She is a risk taker and understands that growth comes from doing the things that challenge conventional thinking. As an undergraduate at the University of South Florida, she vacillated between pursuing a degree in accounting versus marketing but eventually settled on finance. Notably, Amy is also an experienced fashion model, which explains her poise under pressure, charismatic personality, and welcoming smile.

Throughout Amy’s nearly 15-year career in accounting, auditing and financial planning, she has established a reputation for building first-rate teams and for aligning financial and business metrics to support business strategy and high-growth. Even so, her passion for business is fueled by employee success. Amy believes that a strong company is built on people before the product and that the first step to realizing success is remaining open-minded to the magic happening outside of what is comfortable. As an industry leader, she remains a creative intellectual embracing innovation, understanding that technology and optimization trends are the future and will provide better, more efficient, and streamlined best practices.

Seth Harris - Directory of Operations Energy One America

Seth Harris - Director of Operations

As Director of Operations at Energy One America, Seth Harris overseas the complete safety and technical programs for all of Energy One America’s installations.  In his position, Seth has been instrumental in creating company-wide standardization by service line, further developing and revising the internal Advancement Training Manual for the installation staff and works daily to refine EOA’s industry leading operational principals.   

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Seth is well versed in all areas of the construction industry. His unique experience as co-owner and operator of Melco Construction, a company that specialized in green and high energy efficiency residential building construction, has served him well. Since joining Energy One America in 2009 he has grown and elevated his position, becoming a dedicated and essential member of the executive team.

Seth holds the following certifications:

Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)
Air Barrier Association of America Quality Administrator (ABAA)
Home Energy Rater System (HERS)
Hazardous Waste Site Operations (OSHA 1910.120)
NCFI Diagnostic Analysis (polyurethane equipment and application techniques)

John Kish - Vice President Commercial Sales Energy One America

John Kish - Vice President of Commercial Sales

John Kish is the Vice President of Commercial Sales at Energy One America. In his current role at EOA, John is responsible for inspiring the sales team to meet and exceed growth projections. John enthusiastically networks with builders and contractors seeking building envelopes precisely designed, value engineered and efficiently and professionally installed. Spearheading action plans that connect the EOA sales team with commercial clients who are building, expanding, renovating or remediating a commercial, industrial, or government space drives John to understand, evaluate and adopt emerging products and technologies.

For over 35 years, John’s passion for healthier indoor environments, greater energy efficiencies, and more sustainable structures have contributed significantly to the building industry. Working closely with hundreds of builders, he has increased the operations and profitability of their projects by refining the products offered, engineering projects, and integrating state-of-the-art building technologies. He is committed to providing energy efficient and healthy buildings, homes, and workplaces through hands-on construction and diligent research into emerging technologies.

John built his career through relentlessly nurturing professional friendships and trusted business partners and team members over personal gain. That philosophy has served him well, John enjoys deep, steadfast relationships that have developed into strong business associations and accomplishments. To find success, John believes you must take time to form genuine, symbiotic partnerships that are mutually beneficial and consistently evolving.

Originally from Clifton, New Jersey, John is a graduate of Seton Hall University where he studied marketing. He currently resides in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with his wife of 30 years, Denise and their two children. Much like his relationships in business, John’s relationship with God and his family transcends the superficial. Rather, they are deep and abundant.

Reid McCall - Marketing Wizard Energy One America

Reid McCall - Marketing Wizard

A dynamic member of the Energy One America leadership Council, Reid McCall values happiness in business above all else. An instrumental part of the EOA team, Reid has participated in a 25X company growth rate during his first five years as Marketing Director. Additionally, Reid is the President and CEO of

BUILD-Marketing, LLC, a growth consultancy created specifically for building industry trades that offers services including web development, lead generation, and multimedia ad creation.  Reid pours his energy into creating sustainable business growth plans that make him, his business partners, his clients, and the customers prosperous.

A self-proclaimed creative thrill-seeker, Reid’s passion for others accomplishments in business is firmly rooted in his days as a surfer and soccer player. It was during this time he learned the value of calculated risk-taking and the importance of cohesive teamwork. A student of philosophy, English, art & design as well as technology, his well-rounded education and life experience equips him to address any business challenge.

A dedicated family man, Reid relishes time spent with his wife, Jenny and their two children. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys surfing, photography, camping, astronomy, and soccer. At the end of the day, it all comes back to happiness for Reid, he hopes to do what makes him happy and consequently everyone around him.