Clemson Architecture Center Uses EOA Spray Foam in CropStop Program

The Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CAC.C) and Clemson’s Community Research and Design Center (CRDC) in Clemson have collaborated to create the Architecture+CommunityBUILD program.

CropStop Commercial Kitchen Clemson Insulation
Out of this program comes CropStop, a component of Boeing’s Farm-To-School initiative that aims to bring local produce to local schools, giving our youth access to nutritious foods while benefitting local farmers and communities. The CropStop, also known as Commercial Kitchen, fills a gap in the system, allowing local farmers a place to prepare, process, and package their produce, so that crops harvested during the summer months may be used by schools in the winter. Spray foam insulation from Energy One America was used to insulate the important walk-in cooler in the John’s Island CropStop, which utilized the renovation of a mobile home to maximize mobility and to recycle available materials. More information on CAC.C and the CropStop program can be found at

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