Senior Living Community Chooses Open Cell Spray Foam

The plans for Indigo Hall, James Island’s new senior living community, initially called for fiberglass insulation, but concerns of eventual moisture and mold issues coupled with lesser energy savings when compared to other insulation options influenced developers to opt for a more efficient solution.

Indigo Hall called upon Energy One America to install 33,000 sq. ft of open cell spray foam insulation to improve building performance, keep maintenance low, and ensure that the residents comfortable year-round.

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Closed Cell Spray Foam to Insulate Parking Garage Ceilings

Closed Cell Spray Foam to Insulate Parking Garage Ceilings is being embraced by Multifamily Builders and Property Managers throughout the southeast. The Energy Savings, Moisture and Condensation Control and More Comfortable Living afforded by Closed Cell Spray Foam surpasses all traditional applications.

Parking Deck Spray Foam 2

Energy One America is replacing traditional fibrous insulations that retain moisture, are easily damaged and routinely flake off onto vehicles and residents with state-of-the-art Closed Cell Foam. 

Multifamily apartment and condominium managers throughout the country inherit parking garage issues from traditional insulation or lack on insulation as a regular course of business.

Traditional insulation options include:

Rigid Board Insulation Difficult to insure seals around lighting fixtures, conduits and penetrations, difficult to cut to insure air and moisture tight installations.

Cellulose Fiber Insulation Retains moisture, delaminates, is easily damaged and falls onto cars below.

No Insulation Has no R-Value, condensates throughout the year, dripping water on cars below, and leaves unreasonably cold floors throughout the Fall, Winter and early Spring months.

Closed Cell Foam Insulation:

Completely sealed monolithic application that mitigates thermal conduction of dissimilar materials into the conditioned space.

Higher R-Value per inch than other traditional insulation methods.

Water and moisture proof which insures that condensation, rain and humid environments will not compromise the insulated areas.

Environmentally safe with Honeywell’s Ultra-Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) Solstice® Liquid Blowing Agent.

For more information about insulating or protecting your new or existing garage structure please call Energy One America at 843-388-6260 or visit our website at

Value Engineering Building Envelopes for Horry County Schools With Closed Cell Foam = Increased Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Commercial Spray Foam InsulationEnergy One America & Joyner Masonry together with Meton/TA Loving applied closed cell spray foam insulation to the exterior of 4 new, state-of-the-art, high performance, positive energy schools.

The design team of SfL+a as lead architect, design-builder First Floor Energy Positive, Mozingo+Wallace Architects for the exterior design and Stantec for the interiors has collaborated to incorporate the latest and best building materials, technologies and designs to make Horry County Schools the model for sustainable schools now and for the future.

“To be working on this team to build new state-of-the-art schools that will be high-performance, environmentally healthy and feature energy-positive building systems is a great honor for all of us at Energy One America” stated John Kish, VP of Commercial Sales.

Energy One America is the largest building envelope and spray foam insulator in the southeast with over 120 trained employees, new state-of-the-art equipment, that is fully insured and bondable throughout the US. Energy One America performs turn-key installations of all building envelope products on Universities, K-12, Medical, Multi-Family, Industrial, Hospitality, Corporate, and Government buildings throughout the east coast. Headquartered in Charleston, SC with locations Bluffton, SC Energy One America has been recognized as one of South Carolina’s Fastest Growing Companies 2012, 2014, and 2016, 2015 Best Places to Work in South Carolina and 2015 abaa Award for Excellence. For information about Energy One America please call 843-388-6260 

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Replaces Rigid Board On Clemson’s Core Campus Project

Commercial Spray Foam InsulationClemson University’s LEED Silver-Core Campus Center meets the highest standards regarding Green Building and Energy Efficient design. An elementary design feature is a state-of-the-art Building Envelope that provides a moisture and air infiltration barrier, as well as providing the required insulation value to exceed the current Energy Code.

Energy One America and Old North State Masonry suggested the closed-cell spray foam insulation alternative to the design team of Whiting-Turner and (name of architect) during the value engineering stage of the project. Spray foam insulation is becoming a preferred exterior air barrier, moisture barrier and insulation alternative to rigid board for numerous reasons.

Technically, Exterior Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Fully integrates with all window, door and transitions flashing systems
  • Forms a fully adhered seamless membrane that bridges and seals construction gaps and holes around penetrations
  • Provides the highest R-value per unit thickness of any commercially available material
  • Provides energy code required Air Barrier
  • Provides an effective Water Barrier
  • And a Moisture Vapor Retarder

Practically, Exterior Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Can be applied in in one application which maximizes construction schedules
  • Saves nearly 30% of the Cost of Rigid Foam and Air Barrier Systems
  • Saves 50% of the Time of Rigid Foam and Air Barrier Systems
  • Saves over 30% on future Energy Costs
  • Reduces the HVAC Equipment Sizing Requirements
  • Provides Insurance Savings (in most locations)

Energy One America is our country’s leading commercial and residential provider of building envelope and energy efficient building solutions. Energy One America has the largest team of fully trained installers that specializes in air barrier, spray foam insulation, crawl space insulation, and mold prevention.

For more information about Commercial Spray Foam Systems from Energy One America, please contact us at 888-907-3090 or at

How Will Changing Energy Codes Affect the Building Industry?

Join Energy One America at the ABAA Air Barrier Conference this week in Baltimore to find out.

abaa eoa

The Baltimore Inner Harbor to Host the 2016 ABAA Conference.

The adoption of more stringent State Energy Codes will have significant impact on the building industry in the next several months and years to come.

Energy One America is committed to understanding the total wall assembly approach to building envelope and the integration of Air Barriers, Vapor Barriers, Water Resistive Barriers and Insulation and their impact on future construction.

“Building professionals will be required to embrace new technologies and approaches to remain effective and competitive in the future. Attending conferences and continuing education are required to stay apprised of these changes”, stated John Kish, VP of Commercial Sales at Energy One America.

For information about value engineering you building envelope please do not hesitate to call Energy One America at 843-388-6260 or visit our website at

New Report – 90% of U.S. Homes Are Under-Insulated

Energy One America Infrared HomeFrom

Based on new research, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) estimates that roughly 90 percent of existing U.S. homes are under insulated, wasting energy, money and decreasing comfort for homeowners. This estimate is derived from information in the 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey, using methods to estimate insulation levels developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and applied by Boston University researchers as part of a study supported by NAIMA into the energy savings and emissions reductions possible with increased insulation levels in U.S. homes.

“If all U.S. homes were fitted with insulation based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), residential electricity use nationwide would drop by about 5 percent and natural gas use by more than 10 percent,” said Dr. Jonathan Levy, Professor of Environmental Health at Boston University School of Public Health and lead researcher on the Boston University team that investigated the subject. The study focuses on how increased insulation across the U.S. housing sector can decrease energy use as well as cut carbon dioxide and other pollutants. It will also provide estimates of the resulting public health benefits. These estimates will be developed and provided through a forthcoming series of peer-reviewed articles.

Curt Rich, President and CEO of NAIMA, emphasized the importance of these findings at this time of year.  “The fall is when many homeowners around the country begin thinking about home improvements to increase comfort and reduce their energy bills as temperatures drop come winter. Research like this should reinforce our message to homeowners, and to policymakers, that added insulation has real and significant benefits.”

It is clear policy makers are taking notice, as 2015 marks the second year the Energy Star program has run its “Rule Your Attic!” campaign. This national marketing and education effort serves to raise consumer awareness of the comfort and efficiency benefits of insulation  and offers tools for both diagnosing your home’s additional insulation needs and guidance on how to do the work yourself.  This year’s campaign runs from Oct. 1 – Nov. 20.

Rich notes that this campaign is targeting the top barrier in the market: people just aren’t aware that their home likely has far less insulation than a home built to modern standards: “People don’t see insulation, so they don’t think about it.

They see windows and doors so they think about those items. The reality is that insulation has a three times greater impact on the average home’s energy and comfort than windows or doors do[3]. This campaign encourages people to poke their heads in the attic and assess where they stand. It takes just a few minutes and can result in big improvements, both in terms of your family’s comfort and reduction in your monthly energy bills.”

NAIMA also has resources for homeowners interested in doing insulation work themselves, including detailed pictorial guidance and videos of proper installation.

About NAIMA: NAIMA is the association for North American manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products.  Its role is to promote energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and to encourage the safe production and use of these materials.

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Expanding on excellence: 5-star Inn at Palmetto Bluff undergoes $100 million addition

 Special to the Bluffton Packet 

 July 14, 2015 

 The accolades keep piling up for the upscale Inn at Palmetto Bluff.

One may ask, what else could the award-winning resort do to top that success?

For the inn’s management company, Montage Hotels & Resorts, the answer is simple: Go bigger.

Currently, 50 cottages and 30 village homes offer spectacular views of inland waterways and water taxi service to Old Town Bluffton and Harbour Town. The inn has been named one of Travel & Leisure’s “Top Romantic Hotels” in the world. It also was recently named first on the magazine’s list of best resorts in the continental U.S. and has AAA’s Five Diamond award, among other honors.

Now, work is underway on adding 150 rooms as part of a $100 million expansion. The new hotel, a three-story Lowcountry-style inn, will offer more meeting space, new restaurants and a spa with 13 treatment rooms.

The expansion began last fall, and the first phase will be completed in January. The hotel is scheduled to be finished in September 2016.

“We will be able to attract different types of business we haven’t been able to before …” says Craig Schoninger, director of sales and marketing for Montage.

“We’d like to attract bigger groups and will be able to accommodate them.”

The May River sets the scene for Palmetto Bluff, a 20,000-acre luxury waterfront community that boasts a conservatory, equestrian center, a Jack Nicklaus golf course, kayaking, boating, fishing, dolphin watching, a shooting range, tennis, croquet, shopping, restaurants and a spa for its residents and guests.

The property originated with 12 plantations going back in history to Paleo-Indian times. Guests are encouraged to learn about and become part of the rich history.

Nature collides with splendid luxury at The Cottage Spa, which overlooks a natural bird sanctuary named “Bird Island.”

The spa is equipped with six treatment rooms, a mani/pedi facility and a menu of treatments such as the popular, mineral-rich “Pluff Mud Treatment” that was formulated with the area’s resources. Guests may also opt for custom, in-room treatments in the spacious cottages equipped with soaking tubs and steam showers.

The inn also hopes to attract more locals.

“We want to be open and welcome the community,” said Christine Wrobel, public relations and marketing manager.

The resort just launched a “Local Loyal Rate” in which local residents can stay and experience the inn starting at discounted rates of $249 per weekday and $299 per weekend — about half the regular rates.

Those guests can dine at The Canoe Club, one of the restaurants opened for members and guests only.

The River House and Buffalo’s are open to the public, as are many of the community-sponsored charity events and concerts held throughout the year.

For any visitor, it’s easy to observe the standard of excellence, from the moment of arrival at the gate to leaving the community.

Resort representatives say Palmetto Bluff’s exemplary reputation starts with the rigorous interviewing of prospective employees.

“Once hired, there is training in which we instill the values and culture of the organization,” Schoninger said. “Associates are immersed in who we are and the experience we are trying to give our guests daily.”

The inn expects to add many more employees with the expansion.

“Our goal is to be the employer of choice,” Schoninger said. “We want to attract and entertain the best in the area and grow our family.”

Energy One America Wins Best Place to Work Award!

Best Place to Work SC 2015

What a huge week we’ve had at Energy One America!

If I were writing a headline to capture all the recent action, it would read something like, “Energy One America Wins Best Places To Work Award, Adds Two Geographical Zones and 20 Years of Spray Foam Experience in One Week”.

First, the award. The 2015 Best Places to Work in SC Award is based on anonymous feedback from employees, making it stronger than other similar awards. We at Energy One have always known this is a great place to work, so it’s exciting to be recognized publicly. We pride ourselves on growing as team, placing high priority on family, friendships, and hard work. Our unique services are provided under tough conditions, so safety and teamwork are vital to our success. Internal employee focused initiatives include a Team Member Assist Program for employees with hardships or special needs outside of work, an internal website with a ‘Shout Out’ portal for reporting team victories or stand out individual performances to the rest of the company, and EOA Days, company outings that include wakeboarding, paintball, frisbee golf, bowling, and a SkyBox at the Charleston Battery Soccer games.

Also this week, Energy One expanded our service area to include more of GA by welcoming Patrick Toole to our team, and the coast of NC, by adding Todd Nichols.  Combined, Patrick and Todd bring 20 years of spray foam industry experience to Energy One America, and we are excited to welcome them aboard.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining Energy One, visit our Careers Page to apply.


St. Anne’s Cathedral 15,000 sq. ft.

Energy One America is no stranger to big spray foam insulation jobs. Boasting the largest spray foam fleet in the Southeastern US, Energy One can tackle difficult installations in a fraction of the time that most installers can achieve. St. Anne’s Cathedral in SC is a case in point. Vaulted ceilings 80 feet high, short install window, and remote location are all challenges we love to tackle, and installing 15,000 sq. ft. of SES open cell spray foam at a depth of 11″ in a window of 24 hours made this job even more exclusive to our unique abilities. Check out the video below to see our talented commercial spray foam division in action.