4 Benefits of Upgrading Home Insulation in Autumn

As cooler weather sets in, why wait until winter to save up to 40% on your home energy bills? Spray foam insulation is one of the most valuable enhancements you can make on your home because it pays you back over time, increases the value of your home, and can reduce your home insurance rates. 

Don’t wait until you’re cold and overpaying for heating bills to upgrade. New insulation helps you:

Home Insulation Upgrade in Attic Energy One America


90% of US homes are under insulated, so whether you choose spray foam insulation or a fiberglass upgrade, you’ll be doing your home a favor. Both solutions reduce strain on your HVAC by keeping your home at a consistent temperature. Less strain on your HVAC and less energy loss means more money saved!


Old insulation traps debris, moisture, and pollen. This not only encourages mold growth, but it ensures that the air cycling through your home is full of impurities. Spray foam insulation creates an air seal to keep your healthy, conditioned air in, and outdoor air out. A benefit to everyone—not just those that suffer from allergies.


Areas of the home that are under insulated tend to have more air movement which can induce moisture within walls, and are more prone to condensation which can cause them to swell. Elevated moisture in homes leads to building issues such as: expansion of crown molding, hardwood floors, window sills, and other decorative materials. In Extreme cases, elevated moisture levels can lead to structural problems over time. Sections of the home that are properly spray foamed become a part of the building’s thermal envelope and typically have better air sealing characteristics, thus are more likely to be protected from moisture and infiltration.


Efficient insulation makes it easier to regulate indoor temperatures between rooms by creating a seal to keep your warm air in and cold outside air out. Consistent temperatures inside allow your HVAC to work less to regulate. This increases your comfort and decreases your energy costs!

Upgrade your insulation this autumn and watch your energy bills fall. Contact the Energy One America team today for a prompt—AND FREE—estimate.

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